Criterion RV6 Telescope

About 15 years ago, while active with a Boy Scout troop, I took possession of what appears to be a Criterion RV6.  

The person that had been keeping it in his garage said he got it from some previous scout master and had never had a chance to set it up.  

I had no experience with telescopes but knew a little about optics and focal lengths etc. through photography.

The first attempt at setting the scope resulted in a lot of frustration since I couldn't determine how to get anything to focus trough the eye piece.  I believe I pointed at the moon since I thought if I could see anything that would be it.

I used the scope a number of times on Boy Scout campouts to show the kids (and parents) the moon, the rings of  Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter.  However the motor drive was bad, so viewing became a matter of getting something in the field of view and then quickly having someone else come to look while it was still visible, (and hopefully not bumping the setup while moving in).

I have recently decided to renew my pursuit of astronomy and dug the old Criterion out of the garage.  Having a relatively clear winter night I got the scope out of the garage where it had been setting for the last three or four years and was able to see Saturn.  I use Skyglobe software to find stuff then manually move the scope.  I actually got an 'Oh Wow' from the wife so I guess I have the bug again.

I have been reading a lot of posts on the Cloudy Nights forums and have decided to do a lot of research before I buy another scope.  I think I found a source for a replacement motor for the RV6, amazingly enough, through a forum on CN.  Once I've learned to find things manually, I'll jump into a GOTO scope with CCD.  But, I've got to get out of Tampa.  There is a street light across the road from my house which makes it all but impossible to see much other than the brightest objects.  Perhaps now is a good time to start looking for that vacation home in the mountains.

Here are some pictures of the scope.


Yep, it actually works like that.
Motor bad, I think I found a source for a new one
After mounting a new finder

Weight added to rebalance OTA after new stuff added
Also assists with rotational balance
Old motor and new motor before modification
New motor after modification

Use of special tool to check gear alignment