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This page was created on July 4, 1999. We are just starting into the research of our families. We will be updating this page on a regular basis.

Click here to enter the data base of names.

(NOTE: I have started the process of entering the entire 'Michael Shoemaker Book' into the database. There will be updates approximately weekly as I enter more names. As of the February 21, 2000 update, I am up to page 56 but also have much of the Walter(s) family and others between pages 249 and 266.)

The data was entered into the program Brothers Keeper .

The program then produced a GEDCOM output file which was fed into GED2HTML program to produce the HTML pages you will see here.

Click here to see all I know about my ancestors, at this time.

Click here to see a family picture of many of the decendents of Carl Walters.

Click here to see a scanned in page from the Farr Family bible.

Click here to see a picture of Arthur Farr and his son, Dennis.